Mickey Da Barber Custom Hair Unit FAQ's 

What is a custom hair unit?

A custom hair unit, commonly referred to as a “man weave,” is a hair extension for men who are thinning or experiencing hair loss due to aging or alopecia.

What is the difference between a custom hair unit and a toupee?

Custom hair units are versatile and allow the client to choose from a variety of styles that blend with their natural hair. Units are also more secure than the average toupee.

How does the hair unit stay in place?

A protectant, and an adhesive made for hair, is used to keep the unit in place.

Is there any type of surgical procedure performed?

There are no surgical procedures or damaging chemicals applied to the client’s hair or scalp.

How long does the process take?

The process takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

Is an in-person consultation possible or required?

We do not offer in person consultations. To schedule an appointment, please e-mail Mickeydabarber@gmail.com and provide 1–3 photos of your current hairstyle (front, side, and back poses) along with 1–2 photos of your desired hairstyle. Be sure to check out www.instagram.com/Mickeydabarber if you need examples of styles.

Are loc/braid/twist and long hair unit options available?

Yes, but there is an additional charge for longer hair.

How long do the units last?

Frontal unit last 2-4 weeks ($175-275). We also offer a full unit that lasts 1-3months ($350-600). 

Can I order the hair unit and have it shipped to me?

No. All custom hair units must be done in person. 

Should I purchase and supply my own hair?

We provide everything you need at the appointment.

Can I get the unit wet (e.g., exercising, shower, rain, etc.)?

You can perform your daily activities with the hair unit, including exercising; however, we do not recommend excessive exposure to water. The more exposure to water, the loser the unit will become (this includes sweating).

How do I maintain the unit if I live in a different state and cannot travel back and forth regularly?
Upon your arrival we will provide all the information you need and  we follow up with all our clients.. We also have a forum where clients suggest tips, give opinions & talk about their own personal experience. Instructional videos coming soon.

Can I get a regular shape up with the hair unit?

Yes, you can still get a regular shape up as often as needed to maintain the style.

Is a deposit required to make an appointment?

We must receive a nonrefundable deposit to book your unit appoinment . We will send a deposit link directly to you when it’s time to schedule the appointment with the appoinments set date & time. We accept deposit through Cash app or Venmo.

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