Mickey Da Barber Longer Lasting hair unit class!


Those who attend this class will receive the following:  

Hands-on: Will be able to bring a model

Model Hair Must Be Grown out on the sides or

Mannequin's head will be provided.


 Learn how to  install and cut longer-lasting hair units,
  Units can last up to 5 months with proper care.
Learn the difference base/texture/color to provide your client with the perfect match.
Learn different hair products/vendors,
Learn what Maintenance Tips & Kit to provide to your clients,
learn about available insurance funding,
Receive Starter Kit and receive a certificate of completion!

Houston December 29th

Class Time : 11 to 4pm 

Look and Learn $300 ($100 deposit)

Hands-on $550 ($150 deposit)

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Email: classes@mickeydabarber.com

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