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Mickey Da Barber  Hair Unit Class!

Those who attend this class will receive the following:


Learn how to install Hair Unit for Men & Women. Learn different hair units techniques from fill in, 2-4 week hair unit, and longer lasting hair units for men. 


Learn in-depth the difference base/texture/color to provide your client with the perfect match. You will also learn different haircutting and fading techniques.  Learn different hair style that can be achieve with these hair unit for your client. Secret and Trick to help the hair unit blend and look more natural. Learn how to order from vendors/supplies. Learn what Maintenance Tips & Kit to provide to your clients, learn about available insurance funding, and receive a certificate of completion! Hands-On Class professional will need to bring any tools that you usually use to cut and style hair including clippers, a pair of shear, and a blow dryer. All other material will be provide by MDB Grooming! 

Hair Units for Men and Women Plus Barbering Techniques

Look and Learn 

New York, NY March 12, 2023

Houston, TX March 19, 2023

Los Angeles, CA April 17, 2023

Chicago, IL July 17, 2023

Price: $650 (  $250 non refundable deposit to reserve spot)   

Hair Units for Men and Women Plus Barbering Techniques

Hands On Class Dates  - Mannequin

3-4 month Hair Unit

Atlanta, GA February  13, 2023

New York, NY March 13, 2023

Houston, TX March 20, 2023

Los Angeles, CA April 16, 2023

Chicago, IL July 16, 2023

Price: $1000 (  $350 non refundable deposit to reserve spot)   

Only 15 spaces per class




One on One  Hair Unit Class in  Los Angeles

One on One Class: $2500 (deposit $1000)

Barber/Stylist will be able to bring a model or model will be provided

February 5, 2023

Feb 26, 2023

March 5, 2023

Deposit and class prices are non refundable but are transferable to a future class. 

Please email for more information.

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