Hair Services

I am currently not accepting appointments, only hair models. To submit to be a hair model please email pictures of your hair to

Men & Women Haircut - $65

Brush Wave Hair Replacement unit

3-4 months - $700

This full unit can be taken off, wash and reapply. Come with full haircut & bread trim.

($250 non refundable deposit) 

Low Hair Replacement unit

2 week - $275

Come with full haircut & bread trim.

($75 non refundable deposit) 

Curl Hair Replacement unit

3-4 month - $700

This full unit can be taken off, wash and reapply. Come with full haircut & bread trim.

($250 non refundable deposit) 

Wave Hair Unit 2-3 weeks -$375

Come with full haircut & bread trim.

($150 non refundable deposit) 

Dread, Braids, Twist

 Hair Replacement unit

3-5 month - $1000

Come with full haircut & bread trim.

($350 non refundable deposit) 

Thank for your interest in a custom hair unit by Mickey Da Barber.

All  hair unit appointment will be schedule through this site. 

To book an appointment:
 Send best contact information along with 2-5 pictures of your balding areas
and the style you are enquiring to,
Once your email has been received please allow 1-3 days for response and
style recommendation.
 You must allow your hair to grow to a certain length to help with blending
of the unit.
 You must be in person to receive your unit. Units cannot be shipped!
 Please keep in mind your hair texture might prevent certain styles
 After a style has been agreed upon, we will communicate available dates.
*Failure to follow these instructions may affect your current and future appointments. Once
your appointment has been confirmed, there is nothing to do but show up on the
scheduled date approx. 10 minutes before your appointment. A text or email will sent a day before your appointment to confirm your appointment. If you do not reply your appointment will be cancel. I allow one reschedule, if you need to reschedule your appointment.


Take time to view sample hair units photos, FAQ, and join our  Forum where our clients suggest tips on how they maintain their unit,  give opinions, and share their personal experience. Videos will be coming soon that will provide information on how to properly maintain, remove, and keep your unit as fresh as possible.  Feel free to text or email me if you have any question.

Here are the terms and conditions for Mickey Da Barber custom unit: 

By booking an appointment you agree to accept these terms of condition.

1. Appointments are booked based on availability. Clients are not guaranteed an appointment until they have paid the nonrefundable deposit . 2. Deposit can be made through Venmo or Cash App . All deposits are nonrefundable. 3.You will receive an appointment reminder via text 1-2 days before your appointment.  4. Clients who cancel their appointments within 24 hours will be able to reschedule once at no additional cost. 5. There are no refunds on hair unit services. If you are not satisfied with the service you received, please contact us immediately so that we can discuss any issues or concerns you may have. We will do our best to work with you to come up with a solution. Hope to see you soon!